Tuesday, January 26, 2010

T.E. Banners.

Today we will talk a little about Banners. Almost every single opportunity has ready made banners for you to use in the tool box. These are great for putting on sites such as My Space, Yuwie, Face Book, ect. Every Traffic Exchange has a place where you can add your banner into the sites rotater and it can be assigned views just like your squeeze page. Just follow the directions on the exchange you would like to place the banner on and assign credits and poof your there. If you need credits to show your banners exchanges offer you credits to purchase, or you could simply click others banners and earn credits or you could win them as most offer you bonuses for a specific number of page views.

Now if you'd like to make your own banners you could use this site, once again this is a free site you simply sign up and your a graphic artist. There is also an upgrade you can purchase if you desire to do so.

Simply click the banner below for FREE INSTANT ACCESS!

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