Thursday, January 14, 2010

Traffic Exchanges.

OK so hopefully you joined a few of the exchanges I recommended.

There are a couple of things I want to go over about T.E.'s.

They can be a very good tool if they are used correctly.

Here's how to use your credits on exchanges to your benefit.

First you have a small window of opportunity to grab the

attention of the person viewing your ad. Long sales pages just

don't get the job done. You have to capture their attention in a

short 10 to 30 seconds depending on the exchange.

Now the best way to accomplish this is Thru the use of splash pages, or squeeze pages.

These pages are designed to be read fast and usually have a

capture or sign up form on them. Most of the programs out there have

provided a splash page or you can make your own.

I know what your thinking! How do I make theses pages?

To tell the truth they are fairly easy to make and

I just happen to have 2 great sites for you to help with this.

Now they are free to join as well,

and if you'd like they offer an option for a paid upgrade as well.

The TE Tool Box is the most valuable tool I can recommend for you!

Make your custom splash pages for use on any Traffic Exchange.

Check It Out Here:

Friends try this site out you won't be sorry you did and remember it's free to join!!!!

Now surf the exchanges you picked out and get your pages viewed.

To your success,

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