Friday, January 15, 2010

Traffic Exchanges

All right hopefully you are surfing a few exchanges and getting hits to your programs and opportunities. Today I would like to recommend to you just how to maximize your efforts on the Exchanges. I hope that you checked out the TE Tool Box, it's a really great resource.

Folks to get the best from your time surfing you must surf with a plan. If you joined one of my favorite exchanges: StartxChange you will see that they offer you great surfing bonuses to SUPER SURF. These bonuses can really add up. I am going to just briefly touch on the mechanics of the Super Surf and expand on it just a bit.

Again using the StartXChange as an example you join the other exchanges they cooperate with and they give you an extra bonus for every page you surf. That means you accumulate more credits to advertise your pages with. If you join the special guest Exchange you get even better bonuses.

I recommend that you open 5 to 10 windows at a time and have a different exchange in each window. Move thru each window clicking the credit links don't wait for the timer keep moving thru the exchanges till you get to the end and start again with the first. By all means if you see something that interests you just stay on that page and check it out. You should surf at least one hour per day this way and there is no limit on the amount of exchanges you surf or that amount of time you spend surfing. Remember that the best way to advertize on traffic exchanges is with a splash page make your own custom slpash page for free at also remember that it's FREE TO JOIN.

Traffic Exchages you can join FREE:

Traffic Splash:
I Love Hits:
Dragon Surf:
Traffic Era:
Hit 2 Hit:
Hits From Beyond:
Traffic Swarm:

Well happy surfing I hope that these exchanges work for you as they have for me !

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